#lesswaste Project

What had to happen?

We work in an industry that produces on average two Olympic swimming pools of garbage per fair. Since there are about 1700 fairs on our planet every year, the associated mountain of rubbish is frightening and furious. At the latest when you have seen the report “The Jenke Experiment – the plastic in me”, you will be afraid.

The expo24seven team wants to do something, wake up and take a small or bigger step every month to reduce plastic and other waste in the company and especially in our projects. This page documents our progress and actions as of October 2019 and we also publish it on our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas and hope to reduce the use of plastic for our customers.

Measure 1 #lesswaste Project

October 2019

messebauer lager mit paletten eingepackt in roter stretchfolie - Umweltmaßnahme - wir reduzieren Plastik

Goal: Reduction of the red stretch film used to less than 10% of the annual quantity

Measure: We informed the employees and told them that stretch films may only be used in special cases. Stretch film is now our enemy!

Question: Why do we use stretch film?

Insight : To fix different and smaller components on pallets and to protect them from scratching.

Action/Decision: Purchase of pallet stacking frames. Small components and materials are now secured on pallets with reusable wooden stacking frames. Stretch film is completely dispensed with on these pallets.


Stapelrahmen im Messebau anstelle Stretchfolie lesswaste project vom Messebauer expo24seven

Plastik reduzieren im Messebau - lesswaste project reduziert Folie im Lager