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Exhibtion stand China Solar at Intersolar 2011

Individually constructed

No matter whether your stand covers 12 square metres or a large area – we’ll design your individual trade fair stand in accordance with your CI specifications, while taking into account visitor routes, the long-range effect of your logo and of course the stand’s overall bright, sunny appearance as well.

Very nice exhibition stand design with lemon and orange trees

Modern, inviting, communicative

Clean lines, trend-setting materials and modern furnishings, combined with controlled lighting technology – we’ll work with you to create a real eye-catcher for your success at the trade fair.

Sunmaster - modern trade fair stand in white with led lightning

Shared trade fair stands

So you’d like to share a trade fair stand at Intersolar with partners or corporate friends? We’ll design a stand for you and your partners, taking all your individual preferences into consideration.

Exhibtion stand of Israel at Intersolar in Munich

Temporary outdoor structures

Would you like to present your products and services on Intersolar Europe’s open-air exhibition ground? We’ll gladly design your outdoor presentation stand and offer high-quality temporary structures for rent.

Outdoor area Intersolar Europe in Munich Germany

Inquire now

Mr. Angelo Franke


Intersolar Europe takes place in Munich every year in June. All international innovations in solar technology, including the very latest developments, are on display here. Manufacturers present all their new products in the areas of solar thermal systems or photovoltaics. The aim of the trade fair is to introduce trade visitors from all over the world to cutting-edge developments in the field of solar energy. Thousands of visitors travel here every year from all over the world to learn all about the state-of-the-art solar trends in seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures. All these events are offered alongside the actual product displays at the trade fair. In addition, Intersolar Europe offers an opportunity to exchange information with dealers and other professionals working in the sector. Potential customers receive valuable information on services, markets or products. Between 1,000 and 200 exhibitors are expected at the exhibition centre in Munich each year. Visitor numbers fluctuate between 450,000 and 700,000.

This trade fair has been an annual event at the Munich exhibition centre since 1991. However, admission is restricted to trade visitors only.

The products presented by the manufacturers range from solar storage units and solar collectors to complete solar energy plants and regulation technology. Photovoltaic cells and complete photovoltaic systems are on offer here too.

This trade fair makes it very clear how the photovoltaic industry has been pushing ahead very fast with new developments. At the worldwide level, enormous advances have been made over the past 25 years. Solar energy has meanwhile become one of the most cost-effective alternative ways of generating power.

Thanks to this long experience in hosting trade fairs, Intersolar Munich never fails to bring together the most important stakeholders in the international solar industry.

The huge demand for alternative forms of energy has also led to ever more exhibitors presenting their products at Intersolar in Munich. The number of exhibitors and visitors is increasing every year. This year, too, a further increase and record numbers of visitors are expected. The most important issue will be how to feed the enormous volume of renewable energy generated into electricity networks, and whether a solution can be found to manage the huge amount of current for consumers in an efficient and intelligent way.

The Intersolar trade fair was first held in Pforzheim and later on in Freiburg im Breisgau, where it continued to grow till it finally got too big for the available capacity – and therefore moved to Munich. The exhibition centre in Munich offered optimal conditions for further growth, and has thus contributed to the international success of Intersolar.